Monday, March 5, 2012

march madness (my way)

Last week, I mentioned that I was ready to celebrate, and what better time to do so than the birthday month of yours truly? In the past, I’ve had a tendency to be a little shy about my birthday, but as I grow older (and hopefully wiser), I’m realizing that life is short, and it’s something to be celebrated. So, this month will be a different kind of March Madness, full of special offerings, as well as a little surprise towards the end of the month. I have lots in store for you! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a giveaway, so in the spirit of the festivities at hand, it’s time.

How to enter: Leave a comment on this post. That's it!   
Just let me know how you love to revel on the anniversary of your birth. What are your annual traditions or your favorite things about it? Please leave your comment by Thursday, March 8th by 5:00 p.m. PST.  The winner will be announced on Friday, March 9th. Please find all of the details below. This one is for the locals. With that said, if you live outside of the area, you can always give away your session as a gift to a Portlander. I get by with a little help from my friends, so please feel free to spread the word. I wouldn't be here without your support and I thank you for that!
The nitty gritty:
* Session includes a 1-2 hour shoot, and a selection of high resolution edited images on disc. Must take place in and around the city of Portland, groups under four preferred, and offer expires in 6 months. It will be fun!
* Please, only one comment per person.
* To view more work, please feel free to visit Thank you!
 Photo of yours truly and my beautiful mama.


Jena Kautto said...

Happy Birthday Month Kimi! That is the way to celebrate in the true Kautto fashion. It's been a long time tradition of my family to celebrate their birthday for the whole month. As far as I am concerned, by birthday IS a national holiday, I'm positive. For the entirety of January you can hear me whispering sweet nothings such as, "I would love to help you with the dishes, but it's my birthday" or "Maybe you could go get us some Starbucks honey, you know, it is my birthday!" No matter what day it is in January, it is surely to be a day to celebrate because the entire month is Jena Birthday Celebration Month. Why celebrate one day when you can have 31? On the actual day, I always take a day off from work. I do not slave to the man on my day of birth! No No. The day usually starts with some celebration with friends and into an entire weekend of festivities. It's the final celebration before the month slips away from my grasp.

So here is to March, Kimi! Celebrate daily and celebrate good. Cheers, Jena

little sea said...

Hi Kimi!! My mother and I share a birthday (with each other as well as with my sister in law and my niece), so "my" birthday has always been "our" birthday. One would think that it would annoy me at some point in my teen years, but it never did, and here I am 36 years old still loving that we have our day. It's just that much more special. I hope you have a great birthday - yay Pisces!!

alyson said...

happy birthday month, Kimi! how fun. I always say that the only bright spot in January is my birthday. :) I usually like to celebrate with cake and good beer.

Dave & Whitney said...

Hooray for birthday months! Since my birthday is sandwiched between Christmas and New Year's Eve, I've always kept my celebrations relatively tame. Usually a nice dinner and a cocktail with a few of my favorite people.

Cait said...

What a great gift to give during your birthday month!
For my birthday celebration, I tend toward the non-traditional. To recognize another year lived in the life, I find it best to start the next one with a new experience. Last year, Danny and I celebrated by scaling a volcano in Guatemala, the summit of which gave the impression of being on another planet. The year prior, we took a retreat to Manzanita and looked at the reflection of the milky way in the ocean.
As you celebrate this birthday month, may you find happiness in the moment.


Bethany Fowler said...

Hi Kimi!

Happy Birthday Month!

For my birthday - I like to incorporate everything I love. Music, Outdoors, my close friends, GOOD food, and delicious drinks. Its like a fun FEAST.

Last year all of us (my friends and I) went to Bend. We all piled into one hotel room and went out everyday in the sun. The guys went fishing and we went swimming with champagne in hand and hiked around...My friend Sara and I found a super cool brunch spot, and then saw Ray LaMontagne & Brandi Carlile at the Ampitheater there.

Good times. This year. I'm gonna run the Warrior Dash with friends...most likely.

ANYWAYS! Crossin my fingers for the win! :)

Vanessa Morrow said...

Hi Kimi! I love that we share the same birthday month. Happy birthday to you! I love to see as many friends and loved ones as I can on my birthday. That's why I have a big party. It's like you can't help but smile at every turn and sometimes see a long lost buddy. I also like to eat really well. The meals on your birthday should be almost epic. A newer tradition is taking some time to take photos of whatever I feel like... maybe something that caught my eye but I didn't stop to shoot it in my daily life. I guess the things that all of these have in common is that they make me very present in the moment and they make me happy. Two things that are key on your special day. I hope you have a great one. And I'm throwing my hat into this ring cause it would be nice to have some portrait of myself by someone as talented as you.


Brittany Cox said...

I love birthdays, and love celebrating with family time. I know, it's so boring -- but I'm a quality time kinda girl. Happy Birthday month to YOU! You're the best!

LauraJane said...

So many wishes for a month full of birthday joys - both big and small!

My mom planted a tree/shrub for each of us when we were growing up that would bloom and be at its most beautiful on our birthday. Japanese cherry trees bloom slightly different times of the year depending on where you are, but the one at home in our front yard is always in full bloom on my birthday. She still sends a picture even though the blossoms in DC and (often) Portland are long gone.

I used to wait and wait for the soft pinkish white flowers to show, knowing a celebration was not far behind!

Tiffany Andrews said...

My birthday has always been a huge deal to me. My family had birthdays in January and then not again until April 30 (except mine). Sometimes this meant people forgot my birthday, and I would get really down. Then I realized your birthday is what you make of it. SO I MAKE A BIG DEAL! I started making sure I call everyone at midnight on their birthdays and making them feel super special. Then it started to carry over. At 12:00 AM on March 4, it is a battle to see who calls, texts, e-mails and facebooks first between my mother, sister, brother, and now my husband. I never go to bed before my birthday starts and commonly stay up too late even though I usually have to work. I used to take the day off every year, but it has gotten harder recently. After the Midnight Frenzy, I sleep only to be woken up FIRST thing by others in my family calling. I always dress up for my birthday! (I know I am not a princess but I want to feel that way!) This year my best friend kidnapped me and took me to brunch, last year my husband made me breakfast. At 2:17 PM, my mom calls again. This actually starts the birthday festivities seeing as I was born at 2:17 PM PST. I usually throw myself a family birthday dinner and surround myself with friends. The ongoing joke is “which anniversary on my 29th birthday is it?” The funny thing is that I am proud to be 29 plus 3 or 32. In addition, for the past 10 years since I came back from Wisconsin where I went to college, I go to Lincoln City the weekend before or after my birthday. We stay at the same place every time, and even they now get me a gift! (we are going this weekend!) The one thing I honestly have to say is my favorite part of my birthday month, is my walk on the beach. The first morning I am there I wake up SUPER early and go for a long walk on the beach. My grandma used to do this too. She said no matter how old she got, seeing the ocean and how small she was next to it along with all the beauty, made her feel young! You are as young as you feel.

I celebrate my birthday to the MAX. Each year I set goals. Last year I married the love of my life. This year we hope to get our first home! Birthdays Are what you make of them. I try to make everyone feel amazing on their birthdays because that I how I want to feel on mine. Though we are only 3 days in to the festivities, I really do think this year is better than any other and can’t wait to see what this next year brings!

When is your birthday? I hope it is as special for you as my family makes mine special for me!

Betty F. said...

I do take a whole month for my birthday! Every year I save up and go to Hawaii for all of October for my birthday. It is the only real trip I take each year. My kids always call, and on occasion they have come over to see me. I do everything I can to have fun and relax. My mother died on my birthday years ago, but I never let that get me down! I know she is on the beach with me.

honestly kimberly said...

The giveaway is now closed. Thank you so much for entering, and the winner will be announced tomorrow!


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