Friday, November 18, 2011

cozy up.

Greetings readers! I hope you have a quiet & cozy weekend - full of simple delights. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

jena + zach: engaged.

Congratulations to Jena + Zach on their engagement! We enjoyed the changing leaves in Moulton Falls Park in Washington, and then headed out to a family farm for the rest of the shoot. We were having such a great time that nightfall snuck up on us rather quickly, but we didn’t mind. Jena + Zach, thank you for a great day & night. I had an absolute blast, and sweet Lou stole my heart (as did the horses). After seeing you two together, I know your future is filled with lots of laughter, love, kindness and friendship.   
Once again, sending you happy wishes and heartfelt congratulations.
(Please click on the photos to view larger. I think they look nicer that way). 

Monday, November 14, 2011

amy + teddy: engaged.

Congratulations to Amy + Teddy on their engagement! We shared a lovely morning together in the charming Sellwood Riverfront Park. These two are both pillars of strength, and I have total admiration for the dedication, love and compassion that they devote to their relationship not only with each other, but also to those in the community that make up their special family. Amy + Teddy, thank you for a morning full of fun & laughter, as well as your unique gift to inspire others. I can’t wait for your upcoming wedding!
(Please click on the photos to view larger. I think they look nicer that way).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

the flying salt, the scattered sun.

Hello November. My parents always warned me that this would happen. That time is finite, and it swiftly escapes you. They told me that as I get older, it moves at an even quicker pace. I’m sure I write with some naiveté on the subject, as I still have some years ahead of me, but every day, I grow more aware of time’s fleeting nature.
In my personal work, I am constantly drawn to photograph something that makes me slow down, giving my eyes (and myself) time to adjust. I find myself leaning more and more in that direction – unabashedly embracing beauty, simple pleasures, and appreciating small moments of peace, silence and comforting solitude. 
Reminiscent for a drop of summer, I wanted to share these photographs with you.  Finding them (and also sharing them) is all part of my winter project list. As some of you know, I am really looking forward to hibernating and creating, finding beauty in and making the most of those possibly dreary, dark days. These photographs are from a quiet weekend away with dear friends, where the time was spent enjoying morning and afternoon walks, making simple, home cooked meals together, and laughing and chatting over coffee or wine. I wish every weekend could be like that. 
Leaving you with a little inspiration for your weekend:
"I will have to wait for the fog, 
the flying salt, the scattered sun,
for the sea to breathe and breathe on me;
because water is not just water
but a hazy intrusion,
and the waves roll on in the air
like invisible horses." 
Pablo Neruda, Strangers on the Shore

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

disjecta art auction.

The Disjecta Art Auction is happening this Saturday here in Portland. I am absolutely thrilled to be part of it, and in the company of such artists. Please join us, enjoy food, drinks and art, and help support this fantastic organization.  All of the details are included below. I hope to see you there!
November 12, 2011 – 7:00 – 11:00 pm
$20 in advance at
$30 at the door
Ages 21+ / Hosted Bar! 
In the last twelve months, 16,327 visitors have made their way through the doors of Disjecta Interdisciplinary Art Center to participate in performances, events and exhibitions. On Saturday, November 12 beginning at 7PM, we’re looking for 300 more as Disjecta unveils the newest works for sale at Portland’s most exciting art auction. The event, Disjecta’s only annual fundraiser, will include a silent auction, a live auction led by MC extraordinaire AC Dickson, music, a hosted bar and hors d’oeuvres. Money raised at the event will go toward funding Disjecta’s contemporary art programming. 
Disjecta is grateful to the 54 artists who have contributed pieces in support our mission and vision this year. In addition to the amazing works from the artists above, a signed and numbered series of prints by artist Peter Halley—who will be showing at Disjecta in January 2012 as part of the Curator-in-Residence program (see below)—will be available for purchase at the auction.*
Guests at the auction can expect delicious libations provided by House Spirits, Deschutes Brewery, and drinking vinegars by Pok Pok Som. Tasty treats have been generously donated by Firehouse, Olympic Provisions and Vibrant Table. Additional donations have been graciously provided by Framing Resource, Interstate Special Events, Letterpress PDX, Plus Visuals, and Sign Wizards.
Select works available for pre-bidding online at
Advance tickets for the event can be purchased at
Silent Auction 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Live Auction Begins 8:30 pm
*(The Halley prints are not part of the auction proper, have a set price and will be available for delivery by the Holidays. The funds raised from the print sale go directly to support the Curator-in-Residence program.)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

let your hair down.

Sometimes, you just have to...
kick off your shoes.
take a break from the work week.
let your hair down (or let a fantastic stylist named Bobby fix it all up).
drink wine. dress up.
sing. dance. take photos.
and enjoy a night with the ladies.
and that's just what we did.

Justine, the stylist and songbird, as she always looks like she just stepped right out of a magazine, and she's got the voice of a lark. Leah, fellow photographer whose gorgeous work I never tire of, and she's got some killer dance moves. And Annie, my partner in crime, polaroid queen and top model pose & smize expert. Yes, I just said smize. Thankful to have these amazing ladies as friends.
(Please click on the photos to view larger. I think they look nicer that way).


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