Monday, September 19, 2011

frazier & wing

Simple yet sophisticated beauty. Thoughtful. Welcoming. Just a few words to describe the loveliness that is frazier & wing. There is a lot to celebrate right now, because Heather, the artist behind frazier & wing, has created new designs and new colors of her handcrafted paper mobiles, now on her new website! Each design has impeccable attention to detail, possessing colors and aesthetics derived from thoughtful inspiration - qualities I really admire and respect about Heather and her work. I feel lucky to have a couple of these lovely pieces grace my home. There is something about the way they make me feel – some calm, some happy, but each one is always inviting in the space. To see more of her collection or to learn more, please feel free to visit her blog or her site at I always enjoy spending time with frazier & wing and what a pleasure to photograph something so beautiful. Thanks Heather! 
Please click on the photos to view larger. I think they look nicer that way. 
Styling by the talented Heather Frazier. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

kate + johnny

Congratulations to Kate + Johnny on their recent nuptials! Being a non-native, I am still in awe of Oregon’s landscape and this place was no exception. These two celebrated at Bridal Veil Lakes - a beautiful, lush setting with dappled sunlight filtering through the trees, a peaceful lake, and a blanket of wildflowers.  Where else can you take someone’s hand in marriage, and then sail away in a canoe, having a moment to take it all in with just you and your other half? I always wonder which words couples choose to share on that lake – I bet it holds many happy secrets. Add to that – close friends and family to share in your joy and festivities, and that landscape radiates.  Kate + Johnny’s wedding was homegrown and heartfelt; with the help of friends, Johnny created the wooden whistles and Kate the lovely centerpieces. The song of the handmade whistles was the music during the ceremony – a perfect harmony with those rustling winds.

Kate + Johnny, it was such an honor to document your celebration. What a pleasure it was to be surrounded by your friends, family and your generous and loving spirit. Thank you for the warm welcome and for sharing the day with us. Annie and I had a wonderful time and send our best wishes your way. 
Please click on the photos to view larger. I think they look nicer that way. Polaroids by Ann McGarry.

A special thanks to all of those who made it such a vibrant and memorable affair:
Bridal Veil Lakes for providing a stunning setting.
Krissa and her team at Soirée for making the day run like clockwork.
Solabee for such unique and gorgeous flowers.
Simpatica for the most delicious food.
West Coast Event Productions for setting the scene.
Boy and Bean for their strong, sultry sound.
DJ Gulls for firing up that dance floor.
Last but definitely not least, to Ann McGarry for all of her help that day, as well as her creativity, talent, Polaroid Please magic and most of all, her friendship.


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