Tuesday, March 20, 2012

hello spring.

Hello spring! Today marks its official beginning. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we tend to hibernate during the winter months. It may be weeks before you see your neighbors. I am looking forward to resurfacing and saying hello to all of the beauty this season brings. I did see a smattering of snowflakes yesterday, but I feel hopeful about warm sun (I know, I know – spring rains) and fresh blooms.
Here are just a few of the things on my list this season:
  • plant a garden
  • spring cleaning (i love to clear the clutter – mentally and physically)
  • drive out east
  • make more photographs
  • plan to visit an old friend (or two)
  • bask in the cherry blossoms
What about you? A lovely spring to you all! 


ang said...

Kimi, if you need a garden assistant I'm more than willing to be at your side! I have a lot of supplies too that I should just give you since we're moving out of the house, so don't buy anything yet! ;)

honestly kimberly said...

So sweet of you Ang! Thank you! I'll share the bounty with you. xoxo


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