Friday, March 30, 2012

march madness...with bated breath.

March is coming to a close, and with bated breath, I’ve been waiting to reveal the surprise I’ve had in store this month - my new online card shop! Many of you know that I love writing letters. As kids, my mom instilled letter writing in us, expressing that a simple gesture can be full of thoughtfulness and meaning. In our fast-paced world, there is nothing sweeter than a handwritten note shared with a faraway friend.  Whenever the mail is delivered, I immediately open bills, notices, etc… But, if I receive a letter, a real handwritten letter, it is set aside for later. I save it for a time when I can sit down with a fresh cup of tea, and have a small moment with a friend or family member, even if they are miles away. And when I send out a little hello, I smile at the idea that my words and thoughts are on their way to someone “just because.” I suppose that’s why I’ve wanted to open this little shop of cards. It will continue to grow, so I hope you’ll have a chance to visit.
In celebration of this new endeavor, I am giving away a complimentary  ::: SET OF POSTCARDS:::!
How to enter: Share this shop ( with a friend. Then, leave a comment on this post, twitter/facebook or you can email me at honestlykimberly (at) by Wednesday, April 4th by 5pm PST to let me know how you shared. Feel free to spread the word through blogs, twitter (must include @kimikolba), facebook, or better yet, a handwritten note! Thanks so much for celebrating with me this month. It’s been a blast! Hope you have a fantastic weekend. The winner will be announced Friday, April 6th. Until then…


Tif Andrews said...

I shared on my facebook page and sent a few messages and texts.

Tif Andrews said...

Love the cards!


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