Monday, March 21, 2011

welcome finley fay.

It is an amazing and heartwarming feeling to see friends become parents. There is just something about new parents – seeing their love for their child and also witnessing the deep love and respect that grows for each other through such a sea change. I first met Ronald and Brittany about a year ago when they contacted me about some photos of the two of them together. You may recognize these two lovelies from that shoot. Not long after that, I received the exciting news that their family of two would soon become three, or actually five, including Solo and Millie. We all welcomed their little one on January 8, 2011. Ronald and Brittany asked me to document the day Finley was born, which was a huge honor.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there to document this important day and felt terribly sorry and disappointed. I was on my way to visit family in Florida and even said to Brittany, “Now don’t you have that baby until I get back.” Brittany laughed it off with an attitude of “that will never happen,” and sure enough, Finley had a mind of her own (I think she gets that from her mama) and decided to make her debut three whole weeks early! I was so sad to not be able to capture this new life on day 1, but am thrilled I could capture this new family weeks later. Ron and Britt, I’m so happy to have met you and it is beautiful to see you as parents. I’m thrilled to meet your little daughter. Finley, welcome to the world sweet girl.  
(Please click on the photos to view larger. I think they look nicer that way). 

I even got to hold the little sweetheart.
Read all about little Finley on Brittany's laughter inducing blog.
Sweet poster designed by Ronald Cox.
Pretty pink pompoms by Kimbra of Oh My Goshman.


Amy Nieto said...

Awww goodness, how darling is that little family. :) Wonderful job, kimi!!

Brittany Cox said...

love this! kimi, you are AWESOME!


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