Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I feel grateful all year long. But, it is this time of year when I am reminded in a powerful way of the amazing people that grace my life. And for that, I feel very lucky. Because when difficulty comes your way, it is not things, but individuals that help you through it all, sometimes in a crucial way, and sometimes in a minute fashion that make your days a little bit brighter. Large or small, they both hold great importance for me. Despite the whirlwind of holiday madness, I am awakened by the strength of togetherness and am thankful for those who take care of me – near and far, with and without their knowledge. I am always an advocate for taking time to savor what truly matters, and to slow down. Yet, I am guilty of not doing it enough.

Because of that, I decided I would take time to notice and acknowledge the individuals that have made a difference for me. Maybe I want to give them thanks, or let you know about their artistic talents, or just share a little story. I love having an ongoing project. Some of you might be familiar with my collaborative “hello” project that I did last year. (Even though we miss her so, I am happy to report that beautiful muse is now taking flight in Germany). So, I am excited to introduce a personal project of mine, cat·a·lyst, hopefully to grow in 2011. A catalyst is loosely defined as something that causes change. I’d like to share with you the people that have caused change in my life – taught me lessons, created cause and effect, or precipitated an action or reaction that has catapulted me in a new direction.  Coming soon. Stay tuned.

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