Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the lovely lindens.

Meet the Linden family. We were gifted with an absolutely gorgeous October day at Powell Butte Park, one of their favorite places. What a great site with tall grasses, knobbly trees, and stunning views of the autumn foliage and mountains gracing our fair city. Troy and Briana are new parents, but after watching them with their little one Jasper, it seemed like they had been doing this all their lives. It was inspiring to see them as parents and heartwarming to witness the sweetness and tenderness that exists between all three of them. I love Jasper’s jovial and intense curiosity, and observing how each leaf or branch was a tiny discovery for him.  He was exploring so much that he tuckered himself out, falling asleep in his dad’s arms on our walk back. Briana, Troy and Jasper, you are such a lovely family and I am delighted I had the opportunity to spend a morning with you. Thank you.
(Click on the photos to view larger. I think they look nicer that way).


Amy Nieto said...

Seriously Kimberly, these are absolutely fantastic. Love them!

honestly kimberly said...

Thank you so much Amy!!!


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