Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ayisha + ben: hitched!

A few words from the bride + groom:
When we took our road trip across America in 2006, we wound our way up to Mike and Jill's farm after traveling over 3,000 miles. It was the middle of summer, the hills were soft and green. We worked in the fields, picked berries and fell in love with a dog named Izzy. On our last day, as we looked out onto the land that means so much, we were inspired. We agreed that if we were to ever get married -- this is where it would be. And so the story goes....

It was my honor to document Ayisha and Ben's wedding in a place that held so much meaning for them. It was a beautiful, homegrown and heartfelt celebration that was shared with good friends, loving family and a sweet dog named Izzy. Ayisha and Ben, congratulations and I hope this finds you safe, sound, happy and healthy in your beloved Brooklyn.  Come back to Oregon soon! Thank you so much to Ann McGarry for her assistance and Polaroid magic. I am so excited to introduce a "Polaroid Please" addition to my wedding packages.  I can't wait share her Polaroids with you. Stay tuned...
(Click on the photos to view larger. I think they look nicer that way). 

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Brittany Cox said...

wow! what great photos! and the night shots are equally great!


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