Saturday, May 15, 2010

paloma: pretty in pink

Allow me to introduce Paloma - ballerina, supermodel and humanitarian in the making. Paloma is one of my ballet students, and I was absolutely thrilled to photograph her on a sunny Sunday morning on Alberta. I always thought this kid had style and no wonder - her beautiful mama is an owner of the boutique Frock. We had a blast - with balloons, laughter, frolic and a few pass├ęs of course.
I have a little story that I would like to share with you about this one. While we are doing our stretches in ballet class, we have the ability to fly to magical places. (I know, I know - I sound like the crazy ballet teacher here, but you do what you have to do to keep kids interested in warm up exercises). The girls go to wonderful destinations, like Grandma's house, Mexico, or outer space. One day, I asked Paloma where she was going and she replied,"I'm going to Haiti so I can help people." It is a moment I have never forgotten. How fitting that her name symbolizes peace.
(Click on the photos to view larger. I think they look nicer that way). 


Jody said...

How wonderful these photos are! You have captured this delightful being in a truly magical way.

brittany cox said...

these are fantastic! loving the lollipop. you always have the best ideas!

briana linden said...

Best. Kid. Photo shoot. Ever.

honestly kimberly said...

Thank you so much ladies!!!


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