Saturday, May 1, 2010

hello may.

Hello May. Recently, a dear friend of mine, who I like to call the Polaroid Queen, gave me a lesson on the Land Camera she so generously lent me months ago. (I hate to admit that it has been months – due to my intimidation of this jewel). Lately, I have been craving film and decided it was time to get a little uncomfortable and challenge myself to try something new. Despite any difficulties, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. (Let me tell you - it was hard for me). Instantly having a print in my hand felt pretty damn good, and I loved the pace and tangibility of the entire process. Why I decided to try this for the first time with a moving object is beyond me. We learned very quickly that this was not a smart decision on our part. We had good intentions with the skateboard - the skate, snow and surf subculture has been an infatuation of Silke’s over the years. Perhaps we weren’t the Z-boys we dreamed to be, but we hope you'll join us in our absurdity, silliness and yearning for long summer days as kids. To you Land Camera pros out there, thanks for being kind on my first attempt. I hope to become close friends with this camera in the future.
Are we jumping the gun on summer? Absolutely. But, after a winter in Portland and the rainy days of spring, can you really blame us?

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