Monday, September 21, 2009

why honestly kimberly?

Why Honestly Kimberly when most of you know me as Kimi? Growing up, my dad would utter this phrase whenever one, I frustrated him, two, was up to one of my crazy ideas, or three, in his words, when I would not yield to his wise advice. (For the record, he does give very wise advice). He and I have been been using the phrase for years. To this day, he uses it out of frustration - especially when I am finishing my wine. (I just love to savor wine after a good meal). And while these words began out of difficulty, over the years, they have transitioned into a term of endearment.
HONESTLY KIMBERLY! (sometimes followed by a huff) - brings back many memories, and it has grown to mean something of importance to me. It's an expression dear to my heart, and consequently, I wanted to use it for this blog. This project just might be another one of my crazy ideas, and I want to utilize it as a personal way of keeping me honest or keeping me in check - ensuring that I am growing, learning, and improving as an individual and photographer. And despite any huff, this phrase is usually followed by my dad's smile. Honestly.


ethanollie said...

i just found you of luck!

i need to get on the bandwagon pronto

honestly kimberly said...

thanks Kim! : )
Please keep me posted on all of your happenings.


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