Thursday, September 17, 2009

kitty wigs!

Oh my goodness gracious. Allow me to introduce my dear friend, Jill Johnson. She is not only a creative and talented photographer, but this girl has heart and soul like no other! She always brings the sunshine with her wherever she goes. She took me under her wing while I was in Texas, and she is a woman and photographer I truly admire and feel thankful to have as a friend.

She has been a busy bee working on an exciting new project with creator of Kitty Wigs, Julie Jackson - a new book called Glamourpuss. I felt compelled to share this fun -filled sensation with you. If you need some laughter, check it out! Available at and Amazon!

From Chronicle Books' press release:

"Get ready for the first photo book of its kind, featuring felines sprawled out on sofas, gazing out windows, and striking some serious poses, all donned in the hottest new pet accessory; Kitty Wigs. Glamourpuss showcases over 60 stylish portraits of cats as you have never seen them before, exposing their true diva selves and basking in the limelight. With profiles included on all of the model felines as well as captions accompanying each photo shoot, we promise you won’t be able to pick up this tome without laughing."


Gina Emerson said...

What a fun and creative project! My little ones (3yr and 5yr) are sitting here giggling with me from adorable photos.

honestly kimberly said...

That makes me smile Gina!

Tina Riddell said...

I heard an interview with Jill last night on the CBC radio show, As It Happens. She was being interviewed about her kitty wigs, so awesome!

honestly kimberly said...

Oh I'd love to hear that Tina! Thanks for sharing. Also, I received my book in the mail and it is fabulously funny!

debbie said...

I love this!! :)


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