Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Allow me to introduce my dear friend Jody Katopothis. You may recognize her from this sun-drenched evening we shared together. Not only is Jody a dear friend of mine, but she is a devoted artist and dedicated musician. She is now embarking on the exciting journey of creating her first album. To do this, she is asking for a little help from her friends through the use of Kickstarter, self-described as a “new way to fund and follow creativity.” What I love about Kickstarter is that it brings the creative community together; artists helping fellow artists to make things happen. This powerhouse made my husband’s dream a reality, and I am still blown away and forever grateful for the community and support that was created during the process. If you are so inclined, please head on over to see all of the imaginative endeavors at work, including Joanbird’s aspirations.  As friend and artist, Jody has been a huge inspiration to me, making my world that much brighter through her soulful spirit and vibrant song.   Please, have a little listen…

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