Thursday, December 10, 2009

annie + russ: hitched!

I am so happy to have met this ingenious pair, and even more thrilled that I had the opportunity to photograph their wedding day. These lovebirds may look slightly familiar from this recent post of their engagement shoot. Their nuptials were incredibly unique, and the day was full of laughter, happy tears, dancing, gratitude, hope, joy, song and celebratory magic!
Annie is a very talented photographer, and consequently, is surrounded by a community of friends who are also inspiring photographers. I can't even count how many cameras were at this event, but it was amazing and I was honored to be one of the many! Here is just a mere selection of my photographs from the day - a tiny piece of the puzzle created by the web of photographers both attending and documenting the celebration.  My very best wishes of love, adventure, and happiness to this clever couple.


3 non joggers said...

Yay! I love!

And I'm so lucky to know a talented photographer and great friend like you, lady.

honestly kimberly said...

I feel lucky to know you! Thank you so much.


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