Thursday, October 15, 2009

annie + russ: engaged

Allow me to introduce my dear friends, Annie and Russ who are getting hitched next month. Yay! Since I spend a lot of time photographing during the evening hours, Annie and Russ requested that their engagement shoot be at night - in my likeness and style. I was very excited about this idea, as I photograph a lot at night, but this was the first time it would be with a couple, and a fabulous couple to boot. These two are fun, creative, intelligent, thoughtful - the list goes on. I feel strongly that photography is a collaborative effort, and these two had an amazing energy in front of the camera that helped to create some of these shots. They were incredibly patient, willing to try anything, and troopers in this cold weather. Thank you to both of them. I can't wait for their wedding!


Kristin Zecchinelli said...

these just plain rock. period.

honestly kimberly said...

thanks kristin!

Benjamin said...

I like how the night removes these two away from 3-d forms and places them into the mythic space of 'silhouette.'

My favorites are 1) holding hands in front of the golden doorway - reminds me of some sort of Byzantine icon, and 2) Annie's stilettos puncturing the parking lot line! It's almost like some sort of femme fatal scene.


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