Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So little snowbird, take me with you when you go...

hello again.
i recently returned home from photographing a wedding in florida. 
while i am always thankful for my days, i feel a renewed sense of gratitude. 
i'm thankful i had the opportunity to travel, and travel for love. 
and document that celebration alongside someone i respect as artist and friend. 
and luckily, have the chance to visit family, who live just too far away. 
but thankfully, a remedy for that heartbreaking distance is in the works. 
and i feel lucky to breathe in the salty air,
and step back to embrace a view of the sea, which never fails to put it all in perspective.
* * * 
sending thanks to all of you who have given me support & encouragement.
it means so much.
and makes the horizon look sweeter and more beautiful than i could imagine.
* * *
The wedding was shot for the lovely Amelia Armstrong of Amelia Ann Photo.

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