Monday, February 8, 2010

coffee + kolaches

Simply put, a kolache is a bun filled with sweet or savory goodness. This is true, yet to me, it holds a few more meanings. It is the Czech Stop in West, Texas. It is me and my siblings as kids piling into my dad's station wagon. It is a road trip from my hometown of Fort Worth to Austin, never complete without a pit stop for kolaches. My favorite was the plain cream cheese; I am a little more adventurous these days. (As you can see above, Isabella enjoys the Nutella the best). Imagine my sheer delight when I discovered a kolache shop - a tiny sliver of Texas in my new town of Portland. The adorable and creative owners, Mary and Danny, moved from Texas and opened up this sweet little cafe, Happy Sparrow, after falling in love with Portland during a previous visit. They not only have delicious kolaches and coffee, but will greet you with a warm smile and a welcome the size of Texas. It's a little reminder of home and this place is full of happiness and sunshine, despite any Oregon rains.
(Click on the photos to view larger. I think they look nicer that way).


Aaron Courter said...

How in the world did I not know about a Texas bun filled with cream cheese? I even lived in Oklahoma! I'll have to check this place out.

honestly kimberly said...

Aaron, they are scrumptious! You will love it.


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